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Is it customary to tip your movers?

Finally, after all the time spent researching and planning and going through all the effort moving implies, the grand day has come and your hired movers are ringing your doorbell. You might find that during all the hectic preparations going on, you forgot to ask yourself a simple question: should you tip your movers?

Should you tip your movers?

In a world where tipping for basically any service is common, this should be a fairly simple question to answer. It all hinges on whether or not you are happy with the service you receive. What you should keep in mind when considering if you want to tip your movers is that even though it may seem like you are paying quite a pretty penny to the moving company, the team in charge of handling your belongings and transporting them see a small slice from that.

Another thing to keep in mind is that moving is a really difficult and strenuous thing. Even if you are properly prepared and packed and everything, you will still leave the heavy lifting to the professionals. This should factor in when you are trying to decide if you should tip your movers.

Furthermore, you have to be aware that you have hired professionals for a reason. They don’t compare to a team of your friends who sloppily juggle your precious belongings. They come with extensive experience, appropriate equipment, basically with all the mental and physical resources that are necessary in order to make certain that your move is as hassle-free as possible. As such, the quality of their services should be an aspect to be aware of when considering whether tipping your movers is appropriate.

And while we’re on the subject of quality, the decision to tip your movers should go hand in hand with their actual performance. You are, of course, not expected to tip. Especially if they have a bad attitude or if they’re not being careful when handling your belongings and do an over-all bad job. The other side of this coin being that you should reward a professional mover who is attentive and helpful.

Final word

To sum up, nobody can make the decision to tip your movers for you. Evaluate your situation, monitor the actual performance of the moving crew that attends your move and adjust your tips accordingly.

Is it customary to tip your movers?

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