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Tips to make moving in New York City a breeze

Moving can be hard. Everyone knows this. But moving in New York City can be even worse, an actual nightmare. It’s not just the the physical and emotional stress of the packing, wrapping, carrying and other tasks. You also have to put up with navigating through all those crammed streets, dragging things up through narrow staircases and all the regulations, people and other things.

Moving in New York City is never easy. But it can be easier. If you want to have a pleasant experience while moving, here are some tips that might come in handy.

Hire professional movers

I’m just going to say it from the start. The best way to make sure that moving in New York City won’t age you by 10 or 20 years is to hire someone else to do it. But make sure that you don’t hire just anyone.

It’s really important to hire the right moving company and to avoid scams. Yes, there are scammers out there. But you can avoid them if you do your research.

And if you’re really serious with your research, you’ll even be able to save some money. There are numerous moving companies in New York City. You just have to find the one that best suits your needs.

Try smart packing

If you did hire movers, then just let them do the packing. They know what they’re doing and they have the skills and equipment that are required to make sure that your belongings get to their destination intact and on time.

However, if your feel that you need to pack some things yourself, try doing it the smart way. There are numerous packing hacks out there, such as cutting holes in the middle of garbage bags in order to create garment bags for your clothes. Or you can use your towels as bubble wrap. Or you can just wrap your drawers in plastic wrap and move them like that. And don’t forget about using bins. This way you save money on boxes.

The internet is at your feet. If you want to find out more moving hacks, just open another browser window and search for them.

Use a storage unit when moving in New York

A storage unit can be great for those seasonal items that you only use once each year. Instead of having them around the house, get a storage unit and store them there. When you move, those items will already be packed and ready to go. You won’t have to waste anymore time packing them.

Remember, time is very important, especially when moving in New York City. In such a big place, a lot of things can go wrong and you might find yourself with no time on your hands.

Take a look at your new building’s rules

You need to do this long before moving day. In fact, do it immediately after signing the lease. Most buildings have their own rules, such as no moving on Sundays, mandatory protection for floors or requiring moving companies to provide a certificate of insurance.

All these different rules can make moving in New York City a nightmare. But if you find out about them on time, you’ll be able to adapt and avoid headaches.

Avoid moving during major city events

All those awesome events make New York a great place to live. But they can be a huge source of stress if you also plan to move while one is taking place. It’s best to just do your research and move when the streets are clear.

Tips to make moving in New York City a breeze

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