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65 Gift Ideas to Someone Who’s Moving Away

gift ideas for moving away

Finding the ideal farewell present for a loved one, neighbor, coworker, or acquaintance who is leaving can be challenging. You want to do something special and heartfelt, but you also don’t want to blow your budget. We’ve compiled a list of 65 original farewell presents that your pals will adore for that reason.

When to Purchase a Farewell Gift

A going-away present might be the ideal way to send someone in your life off with good wishes when they are getting ready to make a significant shift to a new location.

When someone is embarking on a lengthy journey, relocating to a new city or country, joining the military, or enrolling in education, a going away present is typically given. For someone moving into assisted living or independent living, for example, you can buy a going-away present.

Gifts for Someone Who is Moving Away

1. A new camera

A camera is the one item everyone moving to a new house really needs. Images of a new house or vacation spot before and after can be shared and loved for years to come. They’ll be able to record memories with a new camera, which they may then share with you when you visit.

2. A Gift Card for a Furniture Store

Give a gift card to a nearby furniture store to a loved one who is relocating. They can choose items that match their style and price range in this way.

3. A Cookbook

Create a unique farewell present using the recipes from your favorite cuisines or cookbooks. In the new location, your loved one will be able to relive memories and eat meals with their new companions.

4. First Aid Kit

Every tourist needs an emergency kit. Prepare a small bag with any necessities your loved one could require, such as bandages, hand sanitizer, and other stuff.

5. A Welcome Home Basket

With products like candles, towels, soaps, and other housekeeping essentials, you may make a memorable housewarming basket for your loved one. Although making welcoming baskets yourself is common, you can also buy them.

6. A Customized Coffee Cup

Give your loved one a travel mug so they can enjoy their beverage wherever they go. With their name, a personalized message, or a picture, you may make it uniquely theirs. It’s simpler than ever to create a customized mug with a meaningful image or statement!

7. A Plant

Give a houseplant as a living farewell present to a loved one. It will make their new space more lively and give them comfort while they get used to their new environment.

8. A Collection of Memories

Create a photo album with the memories of the times you spent together. Even if they are far away, it will serve as a special remembrance of your friendship.

9. An Individual Blanket

A monogrammed blanket makes a warm farewell gift for a loved one. You can personalize it by adding their name, favorite hues, or design elements.

10. A Recurring Box

Send your loved one a subscription box that comes every month and is stocked with treats and goods from their preferred shops or eateries. It’s a wonderful method to let them know you’re thinking about them even though they’re not around.

11. Candle For Home

Candles can give a loved one’s new house atmosphere and personality; homesick candles serve as a reminder of the city the loved one has left behind.

12. Wine Glasses with Names on Them

Any new house needs a new pair of wine glasses, and personalizing them with a heartfelt or humorous message may make them an extra entertaining and inviting addition.

13. A Customized Journal

A customized notebook provides a special spot to record memories, ask visitors to sign after a pleasant visit, or simply take notes.

Travelers’ Farewell Presents

14. A SIM Card Used Abroad

Give a member of your family or close friend an international SIM card so they may stay in touch wherever they are in the globe.

15. A Handbook

Give your loved one a guidebook to the place they’re visiting to help them organize their trip. They can use it to locate the top restaurants and attractions. Any traveler will also be assisted in making sure they take advantage of all that their destination has to offer.

16. A Power Converter

Give your loved one a power adaptor so they may charge their electronics in several nations if they are traveling worldwide.

17. A Map

Cellular coverage won’t be available everywhere a traveler goes. Any traveler’s go-to essential is a traditional map. It will assist your loved one in orienting oneself and navigating strange environments.

18. A Trip Diary

Give your loved one a travel journal to encourage them to record their adventures. They can use it to jot down their memories, make drawings, or stick in mementos.

19. Portable Power Supply

Give your loved one a portable charger for their phone or other electronic gadgets to ensure that they can always stay connected. When there is no available outlet, a portable charger can save your life.

20. A Series of Tags for Luggage

So that they can quickly identify their baggage when they travel, give your loved one some chic luggage tags.

21. A Neck Pillow

Give your loved one a neck cushion so they can rest during long flights or vehicle trips. They will find it more comfortable to travel.

22. A Scarf

A scarf is a multipurpose item that works well as a blanket, pillow, or headband. It’s ideal for people who want to travel light.

23. A Passport Holder

Give your loved one a passport holder to keep them organized when going through airport security. Their crucial documents will remain safe and secure thanks to it.

24. A Language Manual

Give your loved one a language guide if they are traveling to a place where English is not frequently spoken so they can interact with the natives.

25. A Portable Pillow

Give a travel pillow to your loved one to make their trip more bearable. They will find long excursions to be more enjoyable as a result.

gifts for a loved one moving away to college

27. A Bundle for Care

Sending a care package containing food and other goodies from home will let your child, grandchild, or family friend know you are missing them and are keeping them in your thoughts.

28. An Individual Phot Album

Create a special photo album for your loved one to help them remember their home. Put images of their loved ones, friends, and favorite places in there. Teenage college students may put on the act of being “too cool” to accept a heartfelt present, but they will genuinely appreciate the thought and be touched that you are considering them.

29. A Framed Image

A framed photo from your loved one’s home will serve as a reminder of it while they are away at college. It can be displayed in their dorm room or left on the desk as motivation.

30. A Motivational Wall Hanging

Give a loved one a piece of motivational wall art to keep them inspired and motivated during college. It will aid in keeping them concentrated on the current work. Any college dorm room may come to life with the help of posters and canvas art.

31. A Gift Card for Amazon

Give your loved one an Amazon gift card to go toward the purchase of supplies for college. They will have the autonomy to acquire what they require when they require it.

32. Desk Chair

College is ultimately a place for learning. Get your college student a cozy desk chair to help them remember the value of studying. As they sit for extended periods of time studying, it will support their back.

33. An Espresso Maker

Caffeine may be a lifesaver, as any college student—current or former—will attest. A coffee maker can keep your loved one up and alert during late-night study sessions. They will be able to focus and remain attentive while working.

34. A Wireless Speaker

Give your loved one a portable speaker to brighten up their dorm room. They will have the ability to take their music and podcast listening with them wherever they go.

35. A Farewell Celebration

As a final farewell before they depart, host a going-away party for your loved one. Honor their accomplishments and send them well wishes as they embark on new endeavors.

36. A Hamper for Laundry

Give your loved one a laundry basket to keep them organized. They’ll be able to do their laundry more quickly and maintain order in their dorm room.

37. A Power Outlet

Give your loved one a charging station so they can keep track of all of their gadgets in one location. They can remain tidy and ordered thanks to it.

Military Farewell Presents

38. A Star and Stripes Banner

Give a Stars and Stripes flag as a farewell present that will last for years. While serving overseas, it will make your loved one miss home.

39. An Army Coin

As a farewell gift, give your loved one a military coin. In the military, it’s customary to trade coins with your comrades as a sign of respect and remember.

40. A Flag-Themed T-shirt

Giving a patriotic t-shirt as a parting present demonstrates your support for the armed forces. It will undoubtedly comfort them and let them know you are thinking of them while they are away.

41. A Spirit Patch

A morale patch will let your loved one to proudly display their military pride. They can affix it on their equipment and tell other veterans about their service.

42. An Individual Dog Tag

A personalized dog tag makes a thoughtful farewell gift that will help your loved one remember their home. Even when memories are far away, it will keep them alive.

43. A Bundle of Care

Give a care package as a farewell gift to your loved one to show that you are thinking of them. Put things in it that will soothe them and serve as a reminder of home while they are abroad.

44. An Emblem for the armed Forces

Armed forces lapel pins provide thoughtful farewell presents that your loved one can wear with pride. It will demonstrate their dedication and commitment to their work.

45. A Military Themed Book

Get them a book about the military so they have something to read when they are serving overseas. They will benefit from being aware about their service’s past and able to keep informed.

46. A Framed Image of the Household

Give your loved one a framed family photo as a parting gift to help them preserve memories. When they are away from home, it will undoubtedly give them comfort.

47. A Military Mug

Give your loved one a military mug as a farewell present that they can use while serving abroad. Even when they are far away, it will serve as a reminder of their home and the ones they love.

Last-Minute Farewell Presents

48. A Premium Subscription to Spotify

One of the most well-liked items available is Spotify, and if you’re looking for a last-minute present idea, everyone will adore a Spotify Premium subscription. The recipient will be able to enjoy their favorite music and podcasts thanks to this.

49. A Gift Cart to Starbucks

A Starbucks gift card could be the perfect gift for your friend who is moving away if you’re short on time. In this way, while they are away from home and thinking of their loved ones back home, they can indulge in their favorite drinks.

50. A Farewell Note

By sending a farewell card to a loved one, you may demonstrate your concern. Be sure to support them and let them know how much their absence will be felt.

51. A Culinary Course

A shared experience can be a wonderful way to spend a loved one’s last moments before they move on to the next phase of their life. Enroll them in a cooking class so they can learn to prepare more challenging dishes, which will give them something to look forward to and teach them a new skill.

52. A Netflix Account

With a Netflix subscription, you may give the gift of entertainment to a loved one. Anyone will love it, and it’s the ideal farewell gift that can be ordered at the last minute.

DIY Farewell Present Number

53. A Farewell Scrapbook

To show your loved one how much they mean to you and the difference they have made in your life, put together a going-away scrapbook. Include souvenirs that will help them recall their time spent with you, such as pictures, cards, quotes, and other items.

54. A Farewell Shadow Box

For your loved one to display all the sentimental keepsakes from their stay at home, make them a going-away shadow box. When they open it away from home, it will undoubtedly bring them comfort and happiness.

55. A Personalized Blanket or Pillow

With a personalized cushion or blanket as a farewell gift, you can make something special for your loved one that they can carry with them wherever they go. To make it even more unique, add their name, a favorite saying, or a photo.

56. A Wristband of Friendship

With a handmade friendship bracelet as a parting gift, you may proudly display your connection. When they are away from home, this bracelet will serve as a reminder of all the love and support they have there.

 A Package for a Farewell Movie Night

For a loved one who is moving away, put together a movie night box with all their favorite munchies. It’s the ideal farewell present to make them feel especially special and bring back memories of home.

57. A Homemade Moving Bag

Put together a moving bag for your loved one with things that will help them feel more at home in their new place. To show them how much you care, stuff it with mementos like pictures, snacks, novels, and cards.

Giving Teachers Farewell Presents

58. A Gift Card to Office Depot

The terrible truth is that occasionally teachers have to pay for additional resources they need to buy for their students. With an Office Depot gift card, you may assist the teacher in your life in purchasing the supplies their students require.

59. Individual Stationery

Give your teacher personalized stationery with their initials or a particular message as a farewell present. While they are away, they can use it to keep in touch with their former students and to compose notes, letters, and essays.

60. A Gift Basket for Departure

Make your instructor a gift basket for their move that is filled with things that will be useful to them. To aid in their recollection of their time at the school, include books, stationery, and other memories.

61. An Online Gift Card or Subscription

Give your teacher the option to purchase what they require with a gift card or online subscription. It’s the ideal farewell present for those last-minute requirements and a wonderful way to express your gratitude.

62. A Farewell Mug

Give your instructor a going-away gift of a mug to express your gratitude for all of their hard work. Remind them of the difference they have made in your life in a special message that you include.

63. A Book for Leaving

Give your teacher a book as a parting gift; it will help them discover fresh inspiration. Share a handful of your favorite books with them, or choose one especially for them to bring on their trip.

64. A Departure Diary

Give your teacher a going away journal for the ideal parting gift. While on their excursion, they can utilize it to capture their thoughts and research new concepts.

65. The Keurig

Like the rest of us, teachers frequently benefit from caffeine. However, there might not be much time to rush all the way to the coffee maker in between classes. A Keurig machine may significantly simplify and improve the convenience of a teacher’s life.


The list of farewell presents is far from exhaustive. You can locate a special and considerate gift for your loved one wherever they go that they will treasure for years to come. Give them a nice gift before they go to demonstrate how much you care for them!


65 Gift Ideas to Someone Who’s Moving Away

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