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What’s the correct tipping etiquette?

Tipping etiquette has become such a difficult and sensitive subject in the past few years. We’re sure you’ve found yourself in situations where you didn’t know if you have to tip for a service or how much to tip. In case you have a move coming up and are uncertain what the etiquette is, Empire Movers is here to help.

Tipping your movers

Tipping your movers is like tipping your waitress for her great service. The same arguments work here against tipping. They are paid to do the job anyway and why should you tip extra? Well, you have to consider that people in the service industry are generally paid very meager wages. This holds even more sway when you’re considering whether to tip your movers. Because moving your belongings will imply heavy lifting and demanding physical effort on their part. It is a hard, honest way of earning a living, so whenever you do decide that giving a tip to your movers would be adequate, they will certainly be thankful for it.

You should be aware that tipping your movers won’t be expected, generally, and you won’t find them treating you any differently because of the lack of tip, if they are professionals. However, if you are pleased with the outcome of your move, if you consider the service was tip-top, a show of appreciation towards their hard labour will be more than welcomed.

Opinions on how much you should be tipping your movers also vary a lot. Some consider that the standard to tip your movers would be 5% of the total moving fee. You can adjust the amount you’re tipping your movers according to the service they provided, of course. This goes without saying.

Final word

If you decide to tip your movers, you should divide the money and hand them their tips individually. It shows that you appreciate the individual effort they  put into managing your belongings. And it guarantees that each of them receives their fair share of the tip.

What’s the correct tipping etiquette?

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