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When Is The Right Time…For Moving?

Best Time for MovingAfter some online research, we observed that many persons are interested to find out what is the best time for moving. Usually, not everyone is able to choose freely the suitable time of year for their move, as few of us have flexible agendas. Moreover, picking the right moving date gets complicated as more variables should be considered: children, weather, budget etc. Further, some practical suggestions are being presented in order to help you choose the best moving date and make your move less expensive and stressful, while maintaining you and your family happy.

Families: Goodbye, School…Hello, New Home!

Residential Moving Services New YorkIn case of residential moving, families with schoolchildren choose often to move during the summer vacations, as the classes are over and kids can have enough time to get used to the new home and to make friends in the neighborhood. Also, when choosing the date, make sure that children have a couple of weeks available to unpack, to check the new school and town. An unexpected change of environment can be a stressful experience for them without proper notice.

Regardless of your final decision, the most important aspect is to be open to the little members of the family and to make sure that they are comfortable with the moving date. Summer is the busiest moving season, this is why you can consider as well moving during the spring or winter school break. This way you can get a smoother move for your children and lower moving rates.

Business: Time is Money…Even When You’re Moving

Office Relocation Services New YorkFinding the right timing for your office /commercial relocation is important, as it can be a less expensive experience. You can choose to move after the working hours or during the weekends in order to reduce the impact on your profits and to assure an easy moving.

Most favorable time to relocate your business depends on proper planning and research. Plan your business relocation in the period when there is plenty offers on commercial space and the rents are lower. Make sure that you have the support of your employees: permanent communication is essential in order to maintain the team’s harmony even in such stressful situation as moving. Your staff can help you figure out potential problems and solutions that can occur during the moving process. In the end, depending on the specific needs of your business and staff, you are the one to know best when is the right time for office moving.

Seasons: Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter… and Moving

Best Seasons for Moving NYAs statistics show, summer is the most popular time of year for moving: kids are on vacation, friends might have time to help with your move. However, let us not forget that it’s the busiest moving season and therefore, the moving companies prices are the highest in this period. In addition, you must take into consideration that those professional moversmight be already booked so you might have “surprises” from this perspective. On the other hand, if you are not pressured by the school calendar you can go for spring, late fall or early winter as you can take advantage of attractive discounts from moving companies since fewer clients choose to move in this period compared to summer.

It is important to point out that even though during the winter the moving charges are usually the lowest, you should be especially careful in case you have fragile, valuable items that can be damaged when exposed to extreme temperatures.

Moving Budget: NY Moving for Less

Moving On a Budget NYIf the moving costs are your main concern during the moving process, then you might consider choosing a moving date in the period November-January. During the holiday season, the demand for moving companies is not high, leading to a decrease of their rates.

Also, in order to avoid high moving costs, try not to schedule your moving date during the weekends or at the end or beginning of the month as most of the people prefer this time formoving.

Holidays and special events: Happy New Year, Neighbor!

Moving During Holidays

It is recommended to avoid scheduling your move prior to important holidays, as they are special events when everybody wants to reunite with their families, spend quality time together or be with friends.

If you are uncomfortable being by yourself during the anniversaries and other family events then postponing the moving date after the holiday season might be the best solution for you.

Finally, even though the tips presented may not apply to each specific situation, considering them can contribute to a better moving experience. Try to decide what factors have the greatest impact in your case and pick the best time to move your items.

Autumn is almost here and in case you already decided for a moving date in this period, give us a call at (212)-365-8367 or request a free quote online today! Empire Movers Team is here to help you and take care of your valuable items whether you are moving to/from New York!

When Is The Right Time…For Moving?

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