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7 Clothes Packing Hacks you need to know

June 15, 2018

They may not weigh as much as a piano, but clothes often make the most numerous items in a move. If you don’t pack them the right way, they can turn into a huge headache, as they can take up a lot of space and end up costing you a lot of money. That’s why it’s so important to know how to pack your clothes in preparation for a move.

So how do you pack your garments the right way? At Empire Movers, people ask us this question all the time. To help you out, here are seven simple packing hacks that you will definitely find very useful. And you’ll probably end up using them quite often.

Move the clothes together with the drawers they are in

Your garments are already packed and stored in something that can work exactly as a box. There’s really no reason for you to remove them, repack them and move both a box of clothes and the drawer that held them in the first place. Just seal the drawers with plastic and you’re all set. But remember that this technique works best with professional movers, as they are used to moving heavy furniture. They will know what to do with the drawers and how to transport them so they don’t get damaged.

Wardrobe boxes can be very helpful

Just store clothes that are already on their hangers in enclosed boxes or garment racks. It will help you a lot when traveling over long distances, by truck. It will save both your clothes and time.

You can also wrap hanging clothes

You can also wrap hanging clothes in plastic, or pull a garbage bag over them and just cut the end of the bag. This hack works especially well for short moves.

Your luggage is there to help

Don’t forget about your luggage when moving. They’re not only for traveling on holidays. Your luggage can also act as moving boxes.

Consider vacuum sealing your off-season clothes

You probably won’t need these clothes right away. So don’t spend too much time and energy on them. Vacuum seal them to save space during the move. But remember that this can harm your garments you do it for a long period of time.

Use small boxes

One mistake almost everybody makes is to believe that clothes are not that heavy. Usually, people pack a lot of them in one box and then try to move it. But the box breaks and then the headaches appear.

Instead, try using smaller boxes. You’ll be able to move them easier and the risk of accidents will drop.

Delicates and shoes go in separate boxes

You need to do this if you want to avoid any damage. And take extra care to wrap delicate clothes in plastic, to make sure they are safe.