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Calories Burned Moving Furniture: Stay Fit While Moving in NYC!

calories burned moving furniture new york

Do you think moving keeps you away from the gym? Well, you might be surprised how fit you become during furniture moving, because moving is a great workout, too! The busy NYC moving season is on and it’s good to know how to make the best of it:

How many calories do I burn when moving furniture?

Looking for how many calories are consumed while moving furniture? There are a lot of fitness tools and calorie calculators online that can give you the exact number of calories burned, if you provide the duration of moving activity, weight, sex, because the intensity and body weight influences the number of calories burned.

According to some online sources, moving furniture implies burning approximately 415 calories per hour and it strengthens your arm, back and legs’ muscles.

Below you can find another example from an online calories calculator that shows you the calories burned moving furniture for a person who weights 150 lbs:



10 minutes

72 calories

15 minutes

107 calories

30 minutes

215 calories

45 minutes

322 calories

60 minutes

430 calories

How to burn calories while moving furniture?

You will not miss your regular gym training, because moving is a great opportunity to get slim and fit. Carrying boxes and furniture items up and down the stairs will wake up your muscles and lifting heavy furniture items will definitely help you melt calories. However, don’t forget to rest, hydrate and keep yourself away from injuries, as they often can occur during furniture moving.


Even though moving is not a typical workout, Empire Movers NYC wishes you to stay fit while moving your furniture and don’t forget to call us if you feel your muscles are sore: (212)-365-8367 or get a free NYC moving quote!


Calories Burned Moving Furniture: Stay Fit While Moving in NYC!

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