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How Important is a Climate Controlled Storage Unit for your Furniture

Climate Controlled Storage Unit

In a world that is always evolving, the significance of ethical storage solutions has considerably increased as a result of developing technology and a greater awareness of environmental challenges. How climate controlled storage containers can maintain expensive items, notably furniture, is one aspect that has drawn attention, especially in recent years. Furniture needs a controlled climate to last longer because it is delicate and frequently comprised of many elements, including metal, leather, cloth, and wood. We’ll examine the factors that make a climate-controlled storage facility essential for preserving the caliber and value of your furniture in this post.

Understanding Climate Controlled Storage Units

It is critical to comprehend climate controlled storage containers before going further into its relevance. Climate controlled storage units are specially designed spaces with heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems that regulate temperature and humidity levels. By maintaining a consistent climate, these containers protect items against extreme temperature variations, moisture, and potential harm from pests, mold, and mildew.

The Vulnerabilities of Furniture

The purchase of furniture is a financial and emotional investment. Furniture can be extremely expensive and emotionally laden. It can range from ancestral antiques to modern designer pieces. However, if furniture is not stored properly, it can potentially get damaged. Wraping, cracking, peeling, and fading can result from variations in temperature and humidity. Being a natural substance, wood expands and contracts in response to changes in humidity, potentially weakening joints and splitting surfaces. Fabrics might become stained or grow mold and mildew, while leather can dry up and break.

Temperature and Humidity Control

By providing a regulated atmosphere, climate controlled storage facilities address the weaknesses of furniture. Extreme heat or cold won’t compromise the structural integrity of the furniture thanks to temperature regulation. Consistent temperature levels aid in preventing material expansion and contraction, protecting the furniture’s original shape.

Controlling humidity is similarly important. Increased humidity can encourage the development of mold and mildew, causing irreparable harm. On the other hand, extreme dryness can make materials like wood brittle and lose their suppleness. These problems are avoided, and the quality of the furniture is preserved, thanks to climate-controlled units that maintain an ideal humidity range.

Protection from Pests

Pests like rodents and insects can cause havoc on furniture that is being stored. Particularly susceptible to termite infestations and other wood-boring insects is wooden furniture. With its tightly enclosed atmosphere, a climate-controlled storage container works as a barrier against these pests, lowering the possibility that furniture may serve as a breeding ground or food source for unwelcome trespassers.

Preserving Aesthetic Appeal

Furniture is frequently chosen for its aesthetic value in addition to its practicality. Design, color, and texture all influence the atmosphere of a living area. Extreme heat and humidity can degrade finishes, fade colors, and reduce the visual appeal of furniture. People may make sure that their furniture keeps its original beauty and charm by choosing a climate-controlled storage container, enabling it to easily fit into their homes once it is retrieved.

Long-Term Value

Purchasing furniture is a long-term investment. Furniture that is well-kept and of a high caliber can increase in value with time, particularly if it has historical or artistic importance. Climate-controlled storage helps to keep its value intact. Whether it is kept in excellent shape for future personal use, passing down to future generations, or even selling, furniture retains its value.

Peace of Mind

The peace of mind it provides is probably one of the most important benefits of employing a climate-controlled storage container for furniture. Worries about possible harm are reduced by knowing that your precious things are in a safe, regulated environment. Whether you’re downsizing, decluttering, or simply storing belongings temporarily during a move, having the knowledge that your furniture is being handled with the utmost care is priceless.

How to Protect your Furniture with Climate Controlled Storage

Climate Controlled Storage Unit

You may retain your furniture for many generations if you know how to store furniture in a storage container properly.  Proper furniture storage does require some additional labor, but it is well worth it.

You will want to safeguard each item, whether they are priceless antiques or cheap chairs that will eventually be transported to your child’s dorm room.

Why Choose for Furniture Storage that is Climate Controlled?

Give climate-controlled storage some serious thinking if you need to store furnishings during a life shift. Climate control will keep your pieces secure from humidity and erratic temperatures while providing the most important level of protection from the outdoors.  The greatest place for wood furniture, antiques, textiles, and leather is a climate-controlled space.

Regardless of the material, the following common sense advice will help you store and keep your furniture.

Ensure that Everything is Tidy and Dry

  • To clean wood or plastic furniture, use warm water and a light soap. Use a wood cleanser like Murphy’s Oil Soap to protect the finish on your more priceless wood items, particularly your antiques. Dry completely.
  • Use fabric or upholstery cleaning to clean the fabric. Make sure everything is dry before packaging and packing.
  • To eliminate any oxidation that may be present and prevent the tarnish from accumulating, polish any metal surfaces using metal cleaner and a polishing cloth.
  • Avoid keeping soiled or outdated stuff in drawers. By doing this, the likelihood of dust or mold growing in your storage area will be greatly reduced.

Dismantle Everything You Can

  • Disassemble as much furniture as you can before transporting it and storing it to lessen the chance of breakage. Desks, bookshelves, tables, and chairs should all be easy to disassemble, however some of the larger elements might make this impractical.
  • Pack all bolts, screws, and Allen keys in baggies with labels and tape them inside the component to which they belong.
  • Keep in mind that tape can leave scratches or residue on delicate finishes, so always tape from the inside and away from finished surfaces.

Wrap Furniture Gently

  • Cover the floor with plastic sheeting to stop moisture from penetrating into your furniture if, for some reason, you are unable to locate a climate-controlled facility in your neighborhood. In a climate-controlled environment, dampness won’t be a problem.
  • In any case, never leave unprotected furniture in your room. Wrap furniture to allow for proper ventilation. To shield your furniture from dust, throw some sheets, furniture blankets, or fabric drop cloths over it. Don’t use plastic covers. They can result in a buildup of moisture, eventual swelling, and damage to finishes even in a climate-controlled apartment.

Use Extra Caution Around Glass

  • Start by packing paper-wrapping mirrors and glass tables. Avoid applying tape directly to glass as it leaves a difficult-to-remove sticky residue.
  • After these items have been completely wrapped in paper, add plenty of bubble wrap on top and place them into a long, broad, flat box for added security. TV and picture boxes are excellent for this.

Stack furniture off the ground

  • Steer clear of placing furniture straight on the ground, especially if it contains priceless antiques or fragile upholstery.
  • Use pallets or cinder blocks to add an additional layer of defense against flood damage.

Do not crowd

  • The more things you try to jam into a space, the more likely you are to break, bend, or otherwise harm your possessions.
  • Ask a staff member for help choosing a suitable size unit after choosing a reputable, secure location to store your furniture. Set up your unit so that everything is accessible by taking a few minutes.
  • Arrange furniture in a logical manner by placing the bigger pieces in the back and the smallest pieces and boxes in the front.
  • Provide sufficient access to your unit’s sides and back. Keep your area organized and clutter-free.

Although it can take some time, preparing and storing furniture doesn’t have to be difficult.  A little more time now will prevent a lot of hassle down the road.

The Following 8 Items Must Be Kept in Climate Controlled Storage

How Important is a Climate Controlled Storage Unit for your Furniture

Climate controlled storage spaces keep your valuables dry and shield them from weather conditions. They are also slightly more expensive than conventional storage containers, which is another reason why many individuals opt not to use them. Numerous items require storage in a secure facility. Additionally, some materials require a controlled environment for storage. We’re going to discuss some of the unexpected things that require climate-controlled storage facilities today:

Antique Wooden Furniture

We’ll start with a simple example: keeping old wooden furniture outside can seriously damage the building. Even the most solidly built pieces of antique furniture could become damaged by warping and deterioration due to humidity and temperature changes. Store antique wooden furniture, like a cherished family dresser or piano, in climate-controlled storage areas.

Consumer Electronics

One of the most crucial items to store in climate controlled storage containers is electronic equipment. Climate controlled storage facilities minimize moisture buildup if you have any electrical equipment, including computers, computer parts, video, audio, or other forms of electronics. Powering up electronics after moisture exposure, even a small amount, can lead to short circuits. Extended storage can also result in rust formation.


A conventional self-storage facility is acceptable for storing garments. Opt for climate-controlled storage facilities to ensure your garments retain their fit, feel, and appearance over time.  This is especially crucial for furs and delicate garments.

Media Storage Equipment

Climate controlled storage cabinets can shield your priceless collections from the elements if you’re storing software, movies, DVDs, CDs, pictures, vinyl records, cassettes, 8 track tapes, or any other sort of media storage.

Pharmaceutical and Medical Supplies

When kept outside of the typical temperature range, pharmaceutical and medical supplies can deteriorate. If your prescription bottle has storage instructions, you should find a suggested temperature range there.

Anything Collectible

Collectible things ought to always be kept in climate-controlled storage, regardless of what they are: vintage artwork, a bottle of wine, an antique piece of furniture, a classic car. Why take a chance with those priceless antiques in subpar storage when you’ve had them for so long?

Important Paperwork

Securely store tax records and essential paperwork in climate-controlled storage facilities. Otherwise, they can deteriorate and lose their legibility.

Leather Furniture

Properly store antique leather furniture in a climate-controlled environment, just like we discussed for antique hardwood furniture. When kept in conventional storage, leather, which is particularly sensitive to humidity changes, can shrink, warp, and thin out.

Do Climate Controlled Storage Units Justify the Additional Cost?

You should first think about your location while deciding whether or not you need a climate controlled storage facility. Do you have chilly winters and sweltering summers where you live? The hot, muggy summers in Alabama are not conducive to the things mentioned above. You should think about your location and take environmental changes into account. You should generally err on the side of caution and select a climate controlled storage container unless the temperature and humidity remain constant from January to December.

Does Furniture Need to be in Climate Control?

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Remember that keeping furniture in a non-climate controlled setting can be problematic even if you do not reside in a high-humidity area. Furniture made of wood can split or crack in extreme heat or dryness.

Why are Storage Units Crucial?

You can find a solution by storing stuff you don’t use frequently in a storage unit. This not only frees up room in your house, but it can also assist you in maintaining better organization. Designate a specific spot for infrequently used items to keep your home organized and clutter-free.

What Furnishings Require Climate Control?

Extreme temperatures can harm wood, leather, plastic, and fabric, thus climate control can help safeguard your furniture.

What is a Storage Unit with Climate Control?Climate Controlled Storage Unit

Climate controls humidity and temperature.

A normal storage unit provides you with space to put your belongings, but climate-controlled facilities provide additional security. These specialist containers make sure your valuables never get too hot, cold, or wet using heated storage, air conditioning, and humidity control.


It is impossible to overstate the significance of having a climate-controlled storage facility for furniture in the context of responsible ownership and environmental awareness. Beyond mere convenience, it offers a full solution to the numerous issues that furniture storage raises. By shielding your furniture from temperature variations, humidity imbalances, pests, and visual deterioration, these storage units ensure that it remains as sturdy and attractive as the day you acquired it. Our ideas of good stewardship evolve as the world does, and choosing climate-controlled storage for your furniture is a reflection of this forward-thinking mentality.

Can’t decide what to move and what to store? Professional movers in New York  like Empire Movers & Storage. offer competitively priced climate-controlled storage space. Protect your belongings from erratic weather and stay away from unpleasant surprises when you access your storage unit!

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How Important is a Climate Controlled Storage Unit for your Furniture

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