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How to disassemble a standard slate pool table

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If you could use one word to describe a standard slate pool table, what would it be? Awesome? Great? How about heavy? Because pool tables are some of the heaviest items you may find in a home. And, as you can imagine, this can make them very difficult to move.

If you want to move a pool table, you’ll have to first take it apart. And this is not an easy task either. Fortunately, at Empire Movers we’ve moved hundreds of pool tables. We have a lot of experience in this field. That’s why we’ve put together this list of steps you need to take in order to disassemble a standard slate pool table.

The standard slate pool table is much more common than mechanized tables with ball return mechanisms. They feature a wood frame, a heavy slate bed, and leather drop pockets. And this means you can disassemble them easier. All you need is the right tools. And it will help if you follow these steps.

1. Remove the pockets from the standard slate pool table

You can start by removing the pocket liners, if present. Afterwards, remove the screws and staples that connect the pocket straps to the table. You can do this with a screwdriver. But remember to use protective eyewear. Safety is the most important aspect here.

2. Remove the rail bolts

You will usually find three or four bolts under each rail. You can remove them with a socket wrench.

pool slate

3. Detach the rails and pockets

You will be able to take apart the rail sections easily. In case two rails are attached at a corner, you can flip them over onto the table. Ask another person to help you with this. Afterwards, pull apart the two sections. Be careful when removing the rails and side pockets.

4. Remove the felt

If the felt is stapled to the wood backing of the slate, remove each staple. But take care not to tear the felt. In case the felt is glued, pull its edge carefully, backward, working your way around the table.

After removing the felt, make sure you fold it carefully and try to avoid wrinkles and creases.

5. Use a drill to remove the slate screws

When doing this, be very careful. You must avoid scratching the slate.

6. Lift each slate individually

This is the hardest step, as the slate is the heaviest piece. Of course, the slate can be made out of several pieces. But these will also be very heavy. So, again, ask a friend to help when removing them. All it takes is a scratch or a chip in one of the slates and your pool table will be ruined.

One slate can weigh up to 250 lbs. And slates made out of one piece can weigh up to 800 lbs. You will need several people to help you out.

Take extra care with the slate. Like we said earlier, this is the most important piece and the hardest to transport. So be careful with it. If you need to transport it by truck, make sure that you fasten it in place tightly.

7. Take the frame apart

Once the slate is removed, flip the table over and disassemble the legs. Also take apart the final pieces.

Final word

Now that you standard slate pool table has been disassembled, you can transport it safely. However, if you really want to make sure that nothing will happen to it, consider hiring professional movers in NYC. Empire Movers is here to help you out anytime. So give us a call if you need help!


How to disassemble a standard slate pool table

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