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Moving to/from NYC This Fall? 5 Things to Know About Your Autumn Move!

moving nyc during fall season

In our blog archive, you can identify practical and useful advice for those who choose to move during spring, summer or winter. We would not want to forget about the New Yorkers who plan to move during the fall season. From this perspective, we would like to conclude the series of “seasonal” posts with easy-to-follow moving tips that will help you “survive“ your autumn move.

1/ Even though it might not be your favorite time of year for moving, think about the advantages of moving during fall. NYC moving companies may offer you more flexibility when booking their services for your moving day and the moving crew can be more helpful and assist you with great care during the moving process, as the number of New Yorkers willing to move decrease during fall. This fact triggers another important benefit: you can save money on your move as NYC movers prepare great deals and moving offers in order to attract customers.
2/ If you’re on a tight moving budget, consider moving during the weekdays, as weekends are the most demanded and busy periods for moving around NYC.
3/ Autumn brings chill, but pleasant weather without the extreme winter temperatures, but it’s best to be prepared for any unannounced rain shower, as you might get a cold easily. Get hot beverages ready for your family and movers and stay warm and comfortable.
4/ Due to the typical weather conditions and leaves fall, be sure to avoid any slippery staircases and floors when moving heavy appliances. Opt for floor runners and protect your floors from dirt and mud.
5/ If you consider selling your house and find prospective buyers this fall, don’t forget to clean your yard and gutters from fallen leaves. Make sure to present your house in the best condition when an interested buyer comes to pay a visit.

Have a great move this fall and call us for a free moving quote!

Moving to/from NYC This Fall? 5 Things to Know About Your Autumn Move!

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