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New York Moving (The Safe Way) Episode 2: Lifting and Carrying – No Worries!

Moving Safety TechniquesAs we promised in the previous blog post, here are some quick useful steps and tips to follow in order to maintain safety while lifting and moving heavy loads:


  • evaluate the weight and verify the general situation
  • ensure that your path is free of obstructions
  • utilize a cart or dolly if you have one
  • separate big, weighty loads
  • ask for assistance if needed


  • bend the knees
  • keep the back straight
  • grip the load with the palms of your hands and your fingers
  • use your body weight to start the load moving
  • maintain the arms close to the body


  • hold the weight close to your body
  • be sure that the path is visible
  • pay attention when walking up/down the stairs


  • bend your knees to lower the weight
  • make sure not to catch your fingers and toes
  • pull it down first, then slide it into place

We hope these valuable tips will be helpful during your next move!

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New York Moving (The Safe Way) Episode 2: Lifting and Carrying – No Worries!

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