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NYC Moving FAQ: How to Pack a Computer for Moving

how to pack computer nyc moving

We continue our series of blog posts dedicated to NYC moving FAQs with a special focus on how to pack a computer / PC and to prepare it for a safe move. Almost every family owns at least one desktop computer and it’s a valuable and indispensable equipment, especially for people working in computer-related fields. A laptop can be transported more easily as it is designed as a portable unit in the first place, but how do you deal with a heavy, big unit full or cables and cords?

  • If you’re lucky enough to find in the basement the original packaging of your PC, then it’s the best case scenario and you don’t have to be creative in finding cushion and proper container for each computer item. Otherwise, be sure to gather plastic bags, old clothes or towels, rolls of bubble wrap and get starting with packing!
  • The first essential step when packing your computer should be saving all the important information on portable storage or online through Cloud services.
  • Be sure to shut down the equipment and remove any disks or devices connected to your PC and disconnect each part from the power source.
  • Before unplugging the cables, it’s best to mark them with colors labels in order to ease your assembling process after the move. When the labeling part is finished, you can wrap the wires and secure them to prevent finding them tangled upon your arrival at the new location.
  • Before placing the monitor or CPU in sturdy containers, it’s recommended to cover the bottom with soft padding material to avoid any shock during the transportation. Point out on the container the content type and that is fragile, especially if you have movers helping you out.
  • The keyboard deserves special attention, too. Be sure to cover it in bubble wrap and place in a single box, if you can’t find one suitable for your keyboard, you can put it with the other small peripheral items (cables, speakers, mouse, web cameras, microphones), but provide extra cushion between them.
  • If you hire a moving company to help you with packing and transportation, make sure that the insurance covers any PC damage. Another safe transportation solution would be to keep your computer in your personal car during the moving process, as it is widely recommended when dealing with valuable possessions.

We hope that these quick packing tips will be of great help for our New York visitors.
Have a great move!

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NYC Moving FAQ: How to Pack a Computer for Moving

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