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Ready to Ask Your Friends to Help You Moving?

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Are you searching already for your best friends’ phone numbers to help you move around NYC? Even though you have a last-minute move, it’s best to consider twice calling a friend for moving tasks. Usually, being overwhelmed by customers’ complains and stressful and expensive moving experiences, you might think that having an army of good friends will be enough to accomplish the most complicated moving job. Here are some tips to help you keep your good friendships and have a stress-free NYC move:

  • Calling your friends to help you move the couch might be common during the college years, but don’t forget that now you have to move a lot more of your belongings and your friends might not be in their best shape.
  • If you have a few friends coming to help you transport your stuff, be sure to prepare everything until they arrive, each person’s time is important and you should respect that by making sure that the moving will be efficient for everyone.
  • It would be nice to complete “the classic “pizza +bear” package” with delicious donuts and coffee. In addition, water is essential to keep your good friends hydrated.
  • Consider calling many friends for moving help if it’s the best solution for you. It will be easier for everyone to finish faster, especially if they are not available the whole day.
  • If your only concern is going for the cheapest NYC moving solution, keep in mind that friendship is priceless 🙂 and maybe it’s not worthy to put them through this tiresome process.
  • Don’t forget that your helpful and great friends deserve a BIG THANK YOU 🙂

Have a great NYC moving experience!

Ready to Ask Your Friends to Help You Moving?

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