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What Should you Consider Before Relocating to New York?

relocating to new york

So you’ve played around with the idea and are considering a possible relocating to New York. Moving to such a center of culture as the Big Apple can definitely be a rewarding decision, but certainly not one to be taken lightly. Moving there will ensure limitless possibilities for entertainment, as well as studying and career opportunities. And you will most certainly find everything your heart desires hidden in some corner or another of the city (if not in plain sight). Here are some aspects to be aware of as you are planning out this new adventure:

First off, and probably the most obvious one, make certain this is something you want to do. Take your time about this one, there’s usually no need to rush into such an important decision. Research the city and be aware of what it might offer you, maybe even plan a trip in order to familiarize yourself with the city. Make the time to talk to some natives. Maybe you have friends that have moved to New York recently and can share in their experience or even relatives that have lived there for their entire lives. They can help you figure out all the pros and cons of this decision.

What a Move to New York Means

Once you’ve decided this is the right thing for you to do, you will probably want to make sure your livelihood is ensured, before actually relocating to New York City. In this sense, scout the job market ahead of time. Send out your CV to any prospective employers. But be certain to specify you are planning to move to the Big Apple soon, as most employers will want somebody local. Also worth mentioning is that you should consider having some money in the bank when deciding to relocate to New York. The move itself will most likely be costly. But being the metropolis that it is, NYC can be a bit more on the expensive side than a provincial little town.

Last, but not least in any way, would be finding proper accommodations. Remember that trip we talked about earlier to scout the city? This is where it can come in handy. It’s useless to state that NYC is a huge city and moving there can be overwhelming. If you do plan to visit the city ahead of time, make sure to do your homework beforehand. Look up the neighbourhoods that would seem the most inviting to you. Afterwards, actually visit them to get a feel for them. After you’ve decided in what part of the city you’d actually imagine yourself living, the nitty-gritty part starts: the actual search for apartments.

There’s myriads of ways of doing this, from using Craigslist ads or various websites created for this purpose or brokers. When checking out possible places, consider the commute you will have to make to work and other places of interest. Make sure the place is well connected, having bus stops nearby or subway stations. Once you do find a place you like and seems to fit your needs, don’t hesitate for long. Good places go off the market crazy fast, so you have to make your move just as fast.

10 Great Reasons to Relocate to New York City

relocate to new york

One of the wisest moves someone could ever do is to relocate to New York City.

We’ve been relocating to New York for decades, so trust us. Being a NYC moving business, we are fully knowledgeable about moving within our beloved Big Apple.

New York truly has it everything, from obscure neighborhood jewels to off-the-beaten-path eateries to the sparkling lights of Broadway and Times Square.

If you’re on the fence about relocating to New York, we’ve put up a list of 10 fantastic reasons why you should make the move right away.

1. Access to fantastic humor

Intimate performances by A-list comedians may be seen frequently and inexpensively in New York City. If you go to a show on a weeknight, don’t be surprised if someone like Chris Rock shows up and performs a surprise set.

2. In NYC, there is nothing you can’t find.

Although you can try.

3. Broadway

This NYC Theatre District, which is home to the renowned Broadway, has 40 professional theatres (420 if you include the rest of the city), where you can catch world-class, award-winning performances.

4. Times Square

We have Times Square, though there is no real explanation necessary for this.

5. A fusion of various people

The variety of people you’ll encounter in NYC from all walks of life is one of the best aspects about relocating there. On these busy streets, you can find people from all walks of life, from businesswomen to bakers, models to singers, fashion icons to poets and writers.

6. Our skyline is literally the stuff that postcards are made of

It’s difficult not to picture the Empire State Building and the Chrysler Building when thinking of an urban skyline because they are arguably the most recognizable skylines in the entire world (we’re not joking; if you google “skyline at night,” who do you think comes up first?).

7. The meal here is the best ever

The statement is true. NYC is the place to be if you love food. Beyond the traditional fare of pizza, bagels, and Chinese food, New York City is literally the culinary capital of the world. Moreover, not simply American-inspired meals. The world’s largest selection of truly authentic ethnic cuisine may be found in New York City. And to test it, you don’t even need to leave town!

8. The Metropolis Never Sleeps

Regardless of the time, someone is awake in New York.

9. An art center is NYC.

There is more than one art district in New York City for folks who enjoy culture and the arts. We have plenty. NYC is bursting with cultural activity thanks to the ever-popular Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Museum of Modern Art, the Chelsea and SoHo art districts, and more uptown and downtown.

10. The most coffee is consumed in New York.

We are a very energized town. Despite not having invented the legendary roasts of Portland and Chicago, we easily dominate everyone in terms of the number of coffee shops. Grab a latte from a sidewalk café or a steamy cup of coffee from a street cart. Here, coffee is sold even at pizzerias.

Here it is, and it was challenging to limit it to just 10!

Why do Individuals Relocate to NYC?

new york mover

Many of us had the intention of relocating to New York after seeing the glossy Hollywood version of New York portrayed in films and television shows.

It’s no secret that most people believe that moving to the city that never sleeps will open up a whole new world of opportunities and potential for them. Whatever the reason you decided to relocate to New York City, the actual move itself will profoundly change your daily routine and way of life.

The Big Apple is well known for its exceptional racial variety, business prospects, and cultural offerings. Once you step foot in New York City, you’ll understand that there is always something to keep you entertained.

The Main Justifications for Moving to New York City

You will understand that moving to a big city can help you broaden your eyes and change your pace after deciding to pursue your aspirations in a “concrete jungle.” NYC despite its high cost of living and rising rents, remains among the most coveted locations to relocate.

Bright lights, constant activity on the streets, the sound of honking horns, modern tall buildings, crowds of tourists, crowded weekdays, a variety of business and entertainment opportunities, luxury and high-rise just a few of the idealized ideas that define the most enticing aspects of the NYC lifestyle are structures.

It turns out that a lot of people who go to New York for the first time mistakenly believe the myth that residents of the city are aloof and reserved. But once you’ve felt the never-ending enthusiasm, you’ll be able to meet folks from all over the world.

Make sure to lower your expectations even though moving to one of the most recognizable cities in the world looks like a dream come true. To put it another way, think carefully about the advantages and disadvantages of moving to NYC. Otherwise, you might discover the hard way that reality differs slightly from what you had previously anticipated.

Benefits of Relocating to NYC

Whether you plan to relocate to NYC soon or are curious about life in the ‘city that never sleeps,’ discover some of the top reasons motivating this move.

  • Numerous career options. Since it offers a wide variety of economic opportunities, New York City draws a large number of immigrants. You’ve come to the perfect location if you wish to advance in your profession and relocate to New York from another nation or state! It turns out that New York City draws a lot of working professionals, so you might be interested in relocating to Manhattan, specifically to The Financial District, one of the city’s oldest neighborhoods.

However, think carefully about your priorities and consider the benefits and drawbacks before deciding to relocate to this significant commercial hub. NYC is a terrific place to be if you want to further your profession, despite the intense competition for jobs.

  • There are several historical places and cultural events to satisfy even the most discriminating tastes. NYC offers it all, including an incredible art scene, world-class museums, and stunning historical architecture. There are other lesser-known attractions in New York City in addition to some of the city’s most well-known landmarks, including the Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Chrysler Building, and the Theater District.

Benefits of moving to NYC: part 2

  • Spectacular parks with waterfront vistas, cobblestone streets, and urban green spaces. The five boroughs of the city—Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens, and Staten Island—are each renowned for having easy access to several green spaces. There are several green spaces in NYC where you may unwind and have fun in the great outdoors. – An exciting nightlife and world-class entertainment venues.

You can engage with individuals from various ethnic backgrounds at a variety of restaurants, bars, nightclubs, free concerts, parties with open bars, etc. These places will keep you entertained. There is always something fun to do and somewhere new to explore on any given day.

  • You can quickly travel to various sections of the city thanks to an excellent public transit infrastructure. While public transportation is often seen as the most convenient way to navigate New York, driving a car, especially during rush hour, can be incredibly frustrating. On the other side, exploring the streets of New York might be good for your social life because you’ll probably meet new people and learn more about your surroundings.

Should I Employ Movers to Help with My NYC Move?

NYC appears to draw a lot of passionate immigrants despite its exorbitant rent costs and affluent lifestyle. After deciding which area in NYC will suit you the best, it’s time to consider whether you should use a moving company. It is undoubtedly possible to handle the move yourself, but there are a few things to consider before making the final choice:

  • difficulty of the maneuver
  • moving separation
  • moving spending

The fact is, there are numerous moving firms in NYC. However, not all of them have open business practices, and if you’re not careful, you can fall prey to dishonest movers. Ask friends and acquaintances who have just changed homes for advice on how to avoid that unpleasant occurrence. Additionally, online consumer ratings and reviews may identify shady businesses looking to profit from your household items.

However, collect several moving estimates from several moving firms before deciding on one in particular. It turns out that moving quotations can tell you a lot about how professional a moving business is. Also keep in mind that only a professional moving company can ensure the safe delivery of your material things. A successful household relocation depends on a number of important variables, including effective time management and the expertise and professionalism of the movers.

Considering moving?

Enjoy peace of mind with our affordable, dependable moving services. Our dedicated team of professional movers ensures your belongings remain in their pre-move condition, delivering exceptional customer service. We make every effort to make your move as stress-free as possible and to handle your belongings with the highest care. Your move will be a positive and successful experience because to our affordable costs and dedication to client satisfaction.

And remember. If you’re thinking about moving to the Big Apple, give us a call. Empire Movers’ team of trained professionals is here for you anytime.

What Should you Consider Before Relocating to New York?

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