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Relocation FAQs: What to Pack First When Moving?

What to pack first when moving to / from NYC

As Plato once said, “The Beginning is the most important part of the work”. It is still available nowadays, especially if you plan on moving soon and the unpleasant part of packing is waiting for you. Why not make it an enjoyable and a stress-free activity?

In our blog archive, you can find several useful articles with general packing tips for moving and guides on how to pack for moving, but we notice that our customers are interested particularly in tips for packing first. It is best to have an organized moving process and last-moment packing should be avoided.

  • Off-season clothing. You can start packing your winter coats, for example, as you might not need them if you’re moving during spring or summer. In addition, you might check your wardrobe for clothes you don’t use anymore.
  • Entertainment items (movies, CDs, books, DVDs, VHS…if you still have some of them 🙂 In our opinion, it is possible to “survive” without them for a short period of time, but if you are currently reading a captivating novel then you can keep it for the breaks during packing.
  • Decorative items. (Pack first framed photos, ornaments, artwork or anything that have just an aesthetic purpose)
  • Breakables, collectibles are non-essentials that could be packed earlier. You should pay special attention to the fragile items as they need extra packing materials and packing breakables should not be rushed.
  • Seasonal objects (surf boards, holiday decorations, ice skates, beach umbrellas)
  • Electrical items, such as game stations, lamps, players could be packed as well in the first stage of packing, but keep in mind to leave the vacuum cleaner for the last part as cleaning will the needed.
  • Other items (for example, extra bathroom & kitchen supplies).

Finally, if you do not know where to start with packing, remember to leave essential stuff for last and apply the 3-month rule (Haven’t used it for three months? Then it can be packed first) or the 1-year rule (Didn’t need it in the last year? Maybe it’s best to donate/recycle it).


Are you packing already and think you might need extra help and advice? Empire Movers NYC are here for you: (212)-365-8367!


Relocation FAQs: What to Pack First When Moving?

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